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Miscellaneous Fees

Account Closing Fee $25.00 Within 90 Days of Opening
Activity Printout $ 3.00 Each
ATM or Debit Card:
    Foreign ATM Transactions $ 2.00 Each
    International Transactions (ISA fee) 1% Of Each Transaction
    PIN Re-Issue $ 2.00 Each
    Replacement Card $ 10.00 Per Card
    Expedited Card Replacement $ 50.00 Per Card
Business Check Cashing Fee $5 Each (non-customers)
Cashier's Checks (customers only) $ 5.00
Check Imaging Additional Options:
    Backs of Checks/Deposits $ 2.00  Per Month
    Fewer # Items Per Page $ 2.00 Per Month
Check Orders Vary by Style and Quantity Ordered.
Checking Reserve Overdraft Protection Line of Credit (Personal Accounts) $20.00 Annual Fee
Collections $20.00 Incoming and Outgoing
    Foreign Items $50.00
Foreign Deposited Item $ 3.00  Each
Garnishments/Levies $75.00 Each
IDSafeShield Plus Upgrade (Personal Accounts) $12.99 Per Month
IRA Closing Fee (Personal Accounts) $25.00 Per Account
Lost Key-Safe Deposit Box $25.00
NSF-Non Sufficient Funds $30.00
Per Item Paid or Returned for non-sufficient items created by check or by other electronic means (excluding ATM and one time debit card charges).
Night Depository Bags:
    Zipper $5.00
    Lock Bag $25.00
    Key Replacement $5.00 Each
Online Banking  
    Personal Accounts with Bill Pay $ Free
    Business Accounts Click Here For Account Access Options
Overdraft-Continuous $5.00 Per Day (1st 5 days no charge)
Overdraft Transfer (Savings to Checking) $5.00 Each
    Per Hour $25.00
    Per Statement Copy $ 5.00
    Per Item Copy $ 2.00 (After 1st 5 Free Per Stmt. Cycle)
Return Deposited Items $ 7.00 Each
Special Handling Instruction $25.00 Per Month
Stop Payment (6 months) $30.00 Each
Stop Payment (12 months) $35.00  Each
    Online Banking $ Free
    24/7 Telephone Banking $ Free
    Customer Care Center Calls or Lobby Service:  
      Internal $1.50
Initial set-up, recurring transfers after no charge
      External $3.00 Per Transfer
Temporary Checks $  .25 Each
Wire Transfers (customers only):
      Incoming $12.00
      Outgoing $25.00
      Incoming $15.00 
      Outgoing $50.00
For additional information please email us.